Since our return to work, we’ve become more accustomed to our extra COVID protocols. I have found that one of the biggest challenges is our ‘traffic control’ in our little space. We have a limit of 4 patients in the reception area, and it has become an issue when we have patients arriving early and the previous patients trying to leave. Having said that, everyone has been very understanding and patient with us for this issue. If you arrive and find that the reception area already has the limit of 4, please just come in and let us know you’re here, and then wait outside until there is room for you. You can also text (604-736-3545) the office to let them know.

Our air filtration system has made us all feel very safe to work. It has become common knowledge that aerosols are a means of spreading the virus. With our air suction 18 inches away from the source, the patient’s mouth, we feel that any potential harmful aerosol is taken away before it can spread. The air is drawn to the main unit outside of the office, where it is exposed to UV-C to kill the pathogens and then through 3 more filters before it is returned back into our hallways. We were fortunate to have the first one of its kind in our office and the company has even used our actual unit in their website ( We believe that more and more offices will have this system in the future, and it will become a common item.

All our staff are constantly disinfecting high traffic touch areas. We are trying to clean the bathroom after each use, but it is difficult if it’s being used frequently. Please help us by trying to keep it clean after your use, and please understand that we are doing what we can under the circumstances. Some offices have closed their bathrooms, but we feel that it’s necessary to have it available, as nature can’t wait sometimes.

Or hygienist, Joo, is on maternity leave, and won’t be back until September. Our other hygienist, Shahid, unfortunately was in a motor vehicle accident and won’t be returning. On a happier note, Falki is back from being away for a year. We have not hired to fill the other missing positions, and all our dentists are working more days to accommodate the demand.

At the time of this writing, we are not certain as to when we can return to our regular lives. We hope that with the social distancing measures and the coming vaccines we can get back to being able to see our friends and family. We are thankful for being able to open and provide the services and keep our staff employed. And we are fortunate that our work involves social contacts, so we have not been in isolation as much as others.

We hope that you all are well and staying healthy. We look forward to seeing you in the future.