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Patient Comfort

Our office has a feeling of ‘home’ to it. Warm colours, open airy spaces, natural lighting, comfortable chairs, and televisions in the ceiling help to make it feel less clinical.


We have a background in Microbiology, so infection control has always been an important part of our regular routine to prevent cross-contamination.  We follow the College of Dental Surgeons guidelines in wrapping our instruments and regular testing of our sterilizers to ensure thorough, effective cleansing.  Each treatment room has its own contained water source so that we can control the water content and have regular cleaning of the waterlines to remove biofilms.


We went with digital radiographs in 2006, and we are currently on our third generation of the technology since.

We went paperless in 2013, so that we could discard our paper charts and have access to all the information digitally. This helps in the access to your history, and integrates all your information into your personal file.

One of our most ‘can’t do without’ items is our intra-oral cameras, which we’ve had since 1995, that allows us to show you what we see in our mouth. And like all technology that gets improved regularly, we are currently on our fourth generation of the cameras.

Our commitment to the Environment

These days, we are all trying to do our part in maintaining our environment. For this reason, we do as much as we can to limit our impact on the environment. We have used biodegradable sterilant and cleaners whenever possible. We were one of the first offices back in 2001 to filter our waste water to capture all the amalgam wastes that used to be just discarded down the drains. This finally became a by-law recently in the City of Vancouver.