There are finally more signs of getting back to normal!  The mandates have relaxed, and I’m feeling more hopeful of returning to a life that existed before COVID.  Like many others, I am still cautious in crowded places.  Even though the case numbers have decreased, there is still virus being spread out there, and I’m concerned that I’ve come so far over the last two years to let my guard down too soon.  There is still a mandate (IPAC guidelines) to have face coverings in Public Health Care Facilities, so masks are still required to be worn within our office for patients and staff.  Many of us at Fairview Dental have vulnerable family at home that depend on us for various levels of caregiving, so we have to remain diligent. 

Our Fairview Dental team did an amazing job in 2021.  We were short staffed with Joo being on maternity and Claudia going back to school, but with our existing staff and doctors, we were able to handle the demand for appointments from our patients.  Now that Joo is back, our work load has become more normal, and we’ve been able to return to our less demanding schedules.  Thank you for your patience, if you have had challenges getting an appointment last year.

As many of you have had to work from home and are now just starting to return to the office a few days a week, but you are doing so with some trepidation, we have been doing so since July 2020!  We were apprehensive, but looking back, we were so fortunate to have not been as isolated as so many others.  I believe our air filtration/ventilation system that was created for the crisis kept us and all our patients safe.  I think there was much learned from this challenge.

We hope you and your loved ones are all well, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!