January 2021

Renewed Hope for 2021


Since our return to work, we’ve become more accustomed to our extra COVID protocols. I have found that one of the biggest challenges is our ‘traffic control’ in our little space. We have a limit of 4 patients in the reception area, and it has become an issue when we have patients arriving early and [...]

Renewed Hope for 20212021-01-21T17:09:24-08:00

March 2018

Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)


I recently had the opportunity to attend a full day lecture on temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) issues and related health challenges. It turned out to be extremely informative! The TMJ is the joint that hinges the lower jaw. There is normally a disc between the head of the joint as it sits in the fossa [...]

Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)2018-03-05T20:46:24-08:00
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