We have received many calls requesting appointments, but we are not yet prepared to open. Personal protective equipment, especially masks, are scarce and on back order. We had donated ours at the beginning of the crisis and now we can’t get any for ourselves to use. We are still working on building in an air filtration system for aerosol control, and we just received our plexiglass shields (ordered 4 weeks ago) for the reception area yesterday. Our days are filled trying to get everything needed to open or planning on how we can open and adhere to the distancing requirements.

At this time, we anticipate a soft opening sometime in June. As I’d stated previously, we will need to see the patients that had broken teeth and emergencies first. Once we get through those patients, we can begin to see people for regular care, but that might not be until late June or early July. Any appointment previously booked in May and June is considered cancelled. We will contact you when we reopen to reschedule your appointment.

Thank you all for your patience. For us, it is especially frustrating that we are not able to provide care to those who have dental issues at this time. We will get to you soon.

One of the statements from our College’s Phase 2 Response Plan embodies the guiding principles that we must adhere to as we plan on opening:

“In-person services must only proceed when the anticipated benefits of such services outweigh the risks to the patient, the health professional and the greater community. It is always safer for the patient and the provider to stay home if at all possible.”

Hope you all stay well!

Ray and Angelique