I hope that you are all well and healthy. It’s mind-bending how much the world has changed in the last week!

It’s now been 2 weeks since we attended the Pacific Dental Conference, and I’m thankful that we at Fairview Dental Centre are all well and without symptoms. Some patients have called, concerned that they were in our office the week after the conference. The fact that we are all fine should reassure those patients that they did not have exposure to the virus through us.

We had closed Monday, March 16th, and cancelled all the appointments for the next 2 weeks. Angelique and I went into the office yesterday to call another week’s worth of patients to let them know that we are cancelling their appointments. I have instructed the communications software company to send out a mass email to all our patients to let them know that we will remain closed until further notice, because there is no foreseeable end to our social distancing and isolation, and because our College of Dental Surgeons has advised us to suspend all elective and non-essential dental care. If you have an appointment previously booked in the near future, you can assume it is cancelled. As the weeks pass, we will continue to try to call the booked patients to let them know not to come.

If you wish to contact us, you can send your email to info@fairviewdentalcentre.com. We are still limited in what we can do for emergencies, as we are waiting for the College to advise us on what is considered safe to do, but we can talk to you, and advise you of the severity of your emergency to allay your fears. Our contact numbers are:

Dr Dylan Olver 604-417-9522
Dr Ray Fong 604-649-1015
Dr Angelique Leung 604-889-0333

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few of our patients when I called to cancel their appointments. We’ve also had patients reach out to us to ask how we were doing. I’m humbled by the caring expressed by some of you. One of my patients called me and said that he’d deliver food to my doorstep, because I’ve taken care of his family for 30 years, and now he had the chance to take care of me. Made me cry.

Which brings me to my next thought: Maybe it’s the culmination of all the stress or the uncertainty of the future, but it’s all a heavy load we are all taking right now. So besides doing what we’re told (social distancing, wash hands, don’t touch your face, etc), take some time to take care of your mental health. I’ve been going for walks, taking on home projects, working out, and calling friends. I’m fortunate that I have Angelique at home to keep me grounded. Call to talk to some of your single friends and family, and make sure they’re okay. It can be lonely out there right now. Doing things for others will help your mental state. Angelique and I donated spare masks and protective gear to VGH, as we heard that they are running low. This morning, I went to the food bank website and made a donation.

Stay tuned for more information as I receive it. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe. My very best wishes to you all!


For more information regarding COVID-19 and Dental Care in British Columbia please see the recent statement released by the British Columbia Dental Association.