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October 2017



If you’re still numb, be careful not to bite yourself. Don’t play with the numb area by poking yourself, as it may not hurt now, but after the anaesthetic wears off, you’ll feel it. Avoid hot drinks as you don’t want to accidentally burn the tissues.




Your new composite tooth coloured fillings are set immediately with our high intensity curing light, so they’re ready to be used right away. Just be careful of chewing too vigorously until you’re used to the new tooth shape. Let us know if the bite is too high after the anaesthetic wears off, and we’ll get [...]




For the temporary crown stage that you have for a week or two, when you have the plastic crown(s), be careful of biting foods that are too hard or sticky. Floss if you can, but pull the floss out the side of the tooth, as opposed to back up/down from where it came as it [...]


September 2017

Root canal


Hopefully, we are able to relieve your severe tooth pain after the root canal. It will be somewhat tender as your tissues heal, but it should improve quickly. If you suddenly get swelling in the area afterwards in the first day or two, contact us immediately, as you might need antibiotics to help with the [...]

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If you had an extraction, there will be a clot that forms in the socket of bone where the tooth used to be. That clot is a gelatinous mass of clotted blood and products to start the healing. Because that clot is always wet, it is delicate, and can be dislodged with negative pressure (sucking [...]




Research has shown that take-home bleaching has more successful results than in-office procedures. For this reason, we no longer do in-office bleaching, as the solutions are harsh, and the results unstable. A take-home kit allows you to wear the custom trays with bleaching gel for up to 30 minutes at a time to release the [...]

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