If you had an extraction, there will be a clot that forms in the socket of bone where the tooth used to be. That clot is a gelatinous mass of clotted blood and products to start the healing. Because that clot is always wet, it is delicate, and can be dislodged with negative pressure (sucking on straw, smoking, spitting, heavy rinsing, playing with it) leaving exposed bone, which is very painful. If that happens, try biting on a rolled up piece of gauze, or a used tea bag, for 15 minutes on the extraction site. If it still continues bleeding, notify us, and we’ll get you in to re-establish the clot

Take it easy the first day of the extraction. That means no aerobic exercise, heavy lifting or getting your blood pressure up too high.

Take it easy eating too. Go easy chewing, and avoid chewing on that side until the next day. Avoid brushing the area for the first day.